Hi guys! Our intent is to have an OOC Member Meeting once every two weeks like clockwork, so since we have the lion's share of the "setup" work done with the FC, the time has come to start having them!

Our very first one will be this coming Thursday, June 23rd at 5pm Pacific time (UTC -7). The meeting will occur in-game via our FC chat channel, and since it's an OOC meeting you don't need to have your character anywhere in particular. In fact, you could even be doing RP or other game activities during the meeting if you want to - the linkshell will be unobstructed, so general chatter can still occur there, too.

For those of you who may be unable to attend in-game, fear not - we will be keeping a Google Doc log of the meeting as it occurs (live updates) and you may "attend" via reading that document if you're unable to be in-game but otherwise do have access to the internet. Even if you can't do that, the log will be kept indefinitely and you may always ask one of the officers if you have a question or comment that you'd like added to the meeting log. Our goal is to include everyone to whatever extent they wish to be included, so don't be shy!

Meeting structure will go as follows: 

  1. Introductory summary of the prior meeting (none this time, since this is #1).
  2. Sena's discussion of the status of the FC and what's to come.
  3. Aldermen meeting points are brought up (be ready, Aldermen!)
  4. Chiefs bring up meeting points relevant to their segments specifically (be ready, Chiefs!)
  5. Members bring up meeting points not previously addressed (be ready, members!)
  6. General Q&A, if any.
  7. Conclusion of the meeting.

During phases 1-5, please refrain from questions and comments until the individual speaker asks for them, so that if they have a "train of thought" they can remain on it. A person's question may end up answered by the speaker during the rest of their monologue anyway, and if not, each speaker will ask for questions and comments when they've finished the main point they had to say. This will help to keep the meeting flowing smoothly.

I'm looking forward to it! :D

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